Cito International And Consultancy Servies Limited

We specialize in
*Overseas Educational Support Services
*Logistics Support Services
*(SME) & Marketing
Our Services
CITO TRAVELS & LOGISTICS LIMITED assists in purchasing of students traveling tickets and also organizing their transportation from School choice of Airport to the University of their Preferable Choice. We also package Holidays & Tours for Families, Honey Moon  for couples and individuals in conjuction with our foreign partners. These are mainly for working class and business owners.


We render business start up services and also provides some guidelines on how a new SME business should be E.g. business plan, Opportunity Identification, Operations and marketing strategy in competing with rivals in an existing market and also ideas in a new market.


CITO INT’L & CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD is also involved in Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is a medium by which short message are sent to GSM phone anywhere in Nigeria. We are dispensers of bulk SMS to any mobile GSM Network (MTN, GLO, ZAIN, ETISALAT) in Nigeria.
SMS contribute to simpler and more effective communication means within and between individuals, prospective audience or general public, organizations and their external contacts such as target market, audience or general public, customer or would be customers and or clients.
It is very expensive, time wasting and tedious to send a large amount of SMS to a large target audience from your cell phone, not even talking about the fear of undelivered.

Bulk SMS is a highly effective tool or means of reaching a target market audience directly, and or a means for inducing a call to action. It is extremely important for private organizations and business entities to tap into vast benefits of using the mobile phone Advertorial messages, tremendous capabilities and possibilities of the reach and effect of our bulk SMS platform to showcase their activities or business processes.

Consultancy Services also available on any legal business in Nigeria.

 2007-2009 Cito International And Consultancy Services Limited, a company registered in Nigeria.